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Keeping water out of your foundation requires the right Murfreesboro waterproofing company, but it is also important to have and use the right products. If you are looking for solutions that will provide you with reliable protection for your upcoming project, you have come to the right place. We can help provide you with products which will keep your foundation strong, safe, and dry.

Products We Sell
Murfreesboro Waterproofing and Drainage Systems

The products we offer include the following:

Thick-N-Dry: This modified asphalt emulsion is used as a high-quality waterproofing barrier. A few of the qualities which stand out are its adhesion, combination of flexibility and hardness, and its low-vapor permeability. Learn More

ThermalDrain:  This synthetic protection board is an excellent alternative to fiberglass, due to its durability, 70% recycled content, and excellent drainage system. Learn More 

BiLar:  We use BiLar as vapor barrier in our work because of its longevity in contact with soil, resistance to punctures and tears, and low-vapor permeability. You can count on us to use high-quality materials. Learn More.

Dehumidifier:   There are a number of benefits to having a dehumidifier installed in your crawl space, including: helping to maintain the structural integrity, improving the air quality, and inhibiting the growth of mold. Learn More.

Sump pump: ​We would be happy to provide you with a sump pump, which prevents water from flooding into your basement. There are a variety of options that we have to offer and we can help determine the right type for you. Learn More

Fully Insured and Licensed Technicians & Products

Please let us know how we can assist you with your upcoming project. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the products we carry, as well as the waterproofing services that we offer. Call us directly now at (615) 751-5332 to request a quote and get started!

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