Crawl space problems
In the case that you have noticed signs of crawl space problems, such as a musty odor, you should consider having it waterproofed.
Gravel slinging
If you need gravel placed on your property, you can eliminate the pain of doing the work yourself and let us take care of it. 
Mold removal
 The removal of mold must be handled by a professional as soon as you have noticed any symptoms of growth, such as a musty smell.
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We Have The Solution To Your Waterproofing Needs.
There are many benefits of having your crawl spaced encapsulated, including removing moisture and saving on energy bills.
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New construction
When you are building a new home, it is imperative that it is properly waterproofed to avoid flooding in the future.
We are experts at setting up proper crawl space drainage, which ensures that moisture does not collect and begin to grow mold.
We offer the following services:

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As a fully licensed and insured, locally owned and operated company serving residents in the Nashville area, our Murfreesboro waterproofing team at Sammons Waterproofing has the necessary experience to provide you with exceptional quality jobs. We offer free written estimates, transferable lifetime warranties (on encapsulation systems), and 100% customer satisfaction on all of our work. Our technicians are prompt, clean, and are courteous and professional in our work. 
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Once we have handled the water problem in your crawl space, you may want to consider a dehumidifier solution to prevent future issues.
Encapsulation process
The process of encapsulating your crawl space involves a special list of steps which will leave your area clean and moisture free.
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We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in our waterproofing services and strive to uphold the utmost professionalism in all of our work. Give us a call directly today at (615) 494-5778 to make an appointment or to request a free quote on any of our services. 

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Basement waterproofing
: Your basement must be waterproofed carefully, and the process may involve working internally and externally.